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For a while it was something to get my mind off some guy. It worked. (To THAT guy: Fuck you, I already forgot your name.) Tinder, in more ways than one, made me see that there are OTHER fish in the sea. In just a swipe to the right, I’ll know if this guy is digging me or not. No bullshit. At least that’s what I thought. Tinder is a mean cycle of finding someone good and wanting someone better. Because why? Why would you stick to one person when you know there may just be another person, your DREAM person, waiting for you to swipe right? I have over 800 matches since last summer. What do I do with you all? Am I supposed to stop swiping and browse through my matches because first of all, no. I will not do that. The addiction to swiping is real. Sometimes I ask myself when this will end. Am I so delusional to think that I can actually find my soulmate in this godforsaken “hook-up” app?? Well.. Just last week, nothing was the same. For the first time since I had the app, I didn’t want to swipe left, nor right. I made a selfless decision of swiping right a few weeks ago to a certain guy. He wasn’t the dreamy 6’8” athlete I’m usually searching for. His profile was simple. He was this handsome surfer dude with a killer smile. All of his pictures were outdoors and his tagline says something like, “Positive is how I live.” Its mean but he seemed basic. I mean, almost all the guys on Tinder love to surf, hike, fish… zzzzzzz. Not that they’re boring hobbies, I just have heard enough of it. It goes without saying but this guy and I matched. He messaged me and it initially wasn’t something I was super excited for. Not because he wasn’t cute but I had the future NBA athletes I was working on. I think it took me a day or so to reply back. Probably something stupid, too, like “hey haha whats up?” We messaged back and forth and I ended up giving him my number and saying yes to a sushi date the following week. Fast forward to the date.. it was perfect. I wasn’t thinking about his height prior to dinner but his height was perfect, too. He gave me the best “nice to meet you” hug. Dinner was great. There wasn’t a dull moment and his laugh was contagious. I drove home that night in awe. I nearly forgot how I met this dude. Remembering I met him on Tinder almost pissed me off. Tinder is filled with 1-date relationships. Like what I said, people are always trying to find someone better. I am also guilty of that. But when I got home from this date, I couldn’t help but think when I’d see him next. Surprisingly, he felt the same way. We planned our second meeting shortly thereafter. I spent just this past weekend with the surfer boy. It’s scary to admit that I have never felt a stronger connection with anybody but what’s right is right. I am so comfortable with this stranger. (God I hope he doesn’t read this post…) Now, why does Tinder suck? Throwback to when I said Tinder is a mean cycle of finding someone good and wanting someone better. I think I’ve found my “better”. But what if I’m just his “good”? Don’t think about it too much, Leana.

Drake references count: 2